Brisbane Artists Agency has been
founded by Teresa Skirving.

With a passion for Art, Teresa has launched this unique operation with a commitment to represent both emerging Artists in building their careers and also to work with established Artists to promote their talents widely.

B.A.A. works with and for Artists, supporting them through innovative programs, exhibitions, seminars and workshops. Those activities are coupled with the promotion of each Artist’s individual skills and presenting their works – using advanced modern marketing methods.


- B.A.A. Founder




While B.A.A. is an Agent of Artists, significant benefits also flow to a wider cross-section of the Community. These benefits include fun-filled creative Art Experiences (workshops, seminars, art classes, etc.) – with talented Artists generously offering to impart their knowledge, skill and experience in group settings (but also providing individual attention).


Artists working with B.A.A. will be showcased through social media, exhibitions, seminars and their work will also be featured at the B.A.A. Studio, Jindalee, Brisbane.